Dreamers Achieve Success: Life Goals – Identify Your Unique Skills

Life Goals – Identify Your Unique Skills

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We all have an innate natural ability to do something which is inborn called ‘Talent, which many of us do not recognize.

Skill is the ability learned, acquired or developed after we spend a lot of time or hard work.

The skills which we get in schools and college are not enough to manage our life which results in failure and depression.

It makes us forget to our inborn abilities, lose our hope and diminishes our faith in Life.

Only the handfuls of people recognize their talent, then hone their abilities into skills and accomplish his goals.

Aim High

"A winner is someone
 who recognizes his God-given talents,
 works his tail off to develop them into skills
 and uses these skills to accomplish his goals. "
 ~ Larry Bird~

In my school days, I used to believe that there was nothing I was good at.

Only recently I discovered that I do have unique skills and realized how powerful they are to achieve my dreams.

We all have at least one disruptive skill, an ability that sets us apart from others.

You may be honing that skill without even realizing your ability.

Here are the ways to identify your unique abilities,

Listen to your intuition: We all are born with the ability called intuition but we do not listen to it all the times.

If we start listening to our sixth sense, we will start identifying our unique ability.

 "Everyone is intuitive in one sense or another”
 ~ James Van Praggh ~

Look for confluence:  The Harvard book on Management states that a distinct skill may not be one thing, but is a convergence of ordinary abilities.

Break your inner resistance: Break your inner resistance, run towards your fear and set yourself free.

By overcoming your fears you will go in the road less traveled and thats where the biggest potential of growth lies.

 "Most of us have two lives.
 The life we live,
 and the unlived life within us.
 Between the two stands Resistance."
 ~ Steven Pressfield ~

Horne your persuasion skill:  Persuasion is a learned skill and sadly schools and universities dont teach persuasion or interpersonal relations.

The Wall Street Journal has reported the importance of persuasion in MBA programs.

The ability to communicate and sell your ideas effectively comes with the persuasion skill.

Listen to compliments:  Listen to the compliments from your peers, managers, even spouses and accept them.

They are the good mirrors of your innate power.

"Say thank you and smile at them”

Knowledge is power, and realizing your skills will help in achieving your dream and creating the future you desire.

If they can accomplish it, why can't you?

Yes, you can accomplish your goals; it’s time to identify your unique ability.

Together let's create the dreamer’s community to help each other and achieve success together.

Celebrate Life

Wish you all the dreamers a Happy and Prosperous 2018.

                                                      Be crazy enough to take on this world...
                                                                                                            Happy Dreaming...

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