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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the CBSE Board Class X and Class XII timetable for the academic year 2018-19.

CBSE has released the following compliance for the students,

1. No candidates will be allowed in the examination center after 10am.

2. The exams will be held from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

3. Students should go in school uniform and with school id card in addition to the admission card issued by CBSE.

4. Students should carry only the permissible stationary item.

5. Candidates should not carry mobile or any electronic items.

6. Candidates must read and adhere to the instructions given in the admission card.

7. Candidates must read the amended rules for unfair practices.

CBSE has also started the Annual Pre Exam Psychological Counselling From 01st February to 04th April 2019 for the candidates.

Preparation Tips and Pointers for the candidates,

1. Create a effective study timetable to utilize the time diligently.

2. Paste the timetable in front of the study table.

3. Paste the printout of your syllabus and exam time table in front of the study table.

4. Organize your study area and the study materials w.r.t. the subjects.

5. Mark your daily progress in the timetable using sticky notes.

6. Take regular 10 min breaks to relax and refresh.

7. Get sufficient sleep in between the exams.

8. Avoid Television and Social Media to avoid distraction and losing the focus.

9. Prepare a proper revision plan.

10. Use visual aids to convert the revision notes into diagrams and flowcharts to enhance the memory retention.

11. Solve the sample papers and previous question papers to understand the exam pattern and for revision.

12. Take mock test of the sample papers to analyze your performance.

13. Make sure that you have all the permissible stationary items and the admission card in your school bag before the exam start date.

14. Visit your examination center one day before the exam to familiarize the route and to know the travel timings.

15. Make the best use of the allotted 15 minutes reading time before writing the answers to the questions.

Click here to Download the Study Time Table


Date Subjects
Thursday, March 7 Mathematics - 041
Wednesday, March 13 Science - Theory - 086
Science W/O Practical - 090
Tuesday, March 19 Hindi Course-A - 002
Hindi Course-B - 085
Saturday, March 23 English Comm. - 101
English LNG & LIT - 184
Friday, March 29 Social Science - 087

Download complete SheetCBSE Class 10 Board exam Date sheet 2019

Download Sample Question Papers For CLASSX

Preparation Guides for Class X


CBSE Class 12 Science stream exam dates

Date Subject
Saturday, March 2 001 English Elective-N

101 English Elective-C
301 English Core
Tuesday, March 5 042 Physics
Tuesday, March 12 043 Chemistry
Friday, March 15 044 Biology
Monday, March 18 041 Mathematics

CBSE Class 12 Commerce stream exam dates

Date Subject
Saturday, March 6055 Accountancy
Saturday, March 2 001 English Elective-N

101 English Elective-C
301 English Core
Thursday, March 14 054 Business Studies
Monday, March 18 041 Mathematics
Wednesday, March 27 030 Economics
Thursday, March 28 065 Informatics Prac.
083 Computer Science

CBSE Class 12 Arts Stream exam dates

Date Subject
Wednesday, February 20 053 Fashion Studies
Thursday, March 7 029 Geography
Monday, March 11 039 Sociology
Tuesday, March 19 028 Political Science
Monday, March 25 027 History
Wednesday, March 27 030 Economics
Friday, March 29 037 Psychology
Monday, April 01 064 Home Science
Tuesday, April 02 040 Philosophy

Download complete SheetCBSE Class 12 Board exam Date sheet 2019

Download Sample Question Papers For CLASSXII

Preparation Guides for Class XII

Important Links for the Preparation of CBSE Board Exams 2019

Examination Related MaterialsExamination Material - X / XII

Collection of CBSE Books in Electronic FormatCLASS X

Collection of CBSE Books in Electronic FormatCLASS XII

Relaxations to the wards of armed forcesSchools Have Time Till 28Feb2019

The CBSE board exam results 2019 is likely to be released by the first week of June.

Read this Classy Letter from the Team CBSE for the candidates.

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