Dreamers Achieve Success: The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

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This is my second post in the positivity series; I hope some of you would have tried the small exercise from my last post on positivity.

Cultivating positivity comes with the positive thinking and a positive attitude towards life.

Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.”
                                                          ~ Norman Vincent Peale

When I browse a lot of apps which these age teenagers are calling cool, what stumps me is the face of lost young souls who don't have enough support to even lead a normal life.

These young souls have huge potentials and we all know they are the future of this society; they are dreamers I care a lot.

When pushed into a corner without anyone understanding how they feel, hatred steps into them and turns their world upside down.

When I was young, I had a strong bonding with my dad which helped me in my turbulent teenage days. My mom was a happy soul who nurtured happiness in me.

Together they cultivated positive thoughts and a positive attitude. When I failed they will come with all positive energy which saved me from hatred and negativity.

So I urge the parents who are the immediate mentor, guide to these beautiful young kids to talk to them daily.
Understand their internal demons, understand their peer pressure.

Motivate them even in their tiny activities; applaud them for their every small success.

Implant positive thoughts in their minds and cultivate happiness in them.

Enjoy every joy of theirs with abundant love and care. Be their guru, hero, and mentor by displaying your positive attitude towards life to them.

Teach them to smile, to enjoy happiness and to show gratitude to fellow human beings.

A simple exercise to all my fellow dreamers, cultivate the below positive affirmation into you and to your kids whenever you get time in the day.

                                “I ENJOY BEING HAPPY

Tell your kids 'ENJOY LIFE AND BE HAPPY'; you can surely see a smile on their face.

I am planning to write a series of blogs about positivity and about achievers to help all the dreamers out there to achieve success and positivity.

Together let's create the dreamer’s community to help each other and achieve success together.

  Be crazy enough to take on this world...
                                                                                                            Happy Dreaming...

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