Dreamers Achieve Success: Top 10 Life Hacks to Overcome Stress

Top 10 Life Hacks to Overcome Stress

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Stressed Out Man!!! This is the common and most used word by the Millennia’s and their likes.

Deep inside it resonates the feeling of strain and anxiety to not able to cope up in completing the certain task or activity.

Stress is the emotional, behavioral, physical and mental reactions to any perceived threat or pressure.

I am going to list of top ten life hacks to manage and overcome stress in your daily life.


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IS Stress bad for health?

Stress is not bad at all, particularly the good stress called ‘Eustress can lead to growth and enhance the competitive spirit of a person.

Eustress is the manageable stress and it is positive and beneficial. It provides us the motivation and energy to meet up our responsibilities and achieve our life goals.

Events like graduating from college, receiving a promotion, changing jobs or getting married falls into the manageable stress category.

But Distress can be dangerous as it is uncontrollable, prolonged and overwhelming. It gives the sense of feeling oppressed or falling behind in our responsibilities.

Stressed Out

"One of the difficulties about stress is that it can work for you or against you, just like a car tire.  When the pressure in the tire is right, you can drive smoothly along the road:  if it is too low, you feel all the bumps and the controls feel sluggish.  If it is too high, you bounce over the potholes, and easily swing out of control” (Butler & Hope, 1995, p. 207).

Facing financial difficulties, the difference in relationships, too many obligations, managing a chronic illness, or experiencing a shock falls into the distress category.

Forgetting and worrying about things, negative statements about self, difficulty in concentrating on the tasks and processing information makes life miserable as it impacts the cognitive behaviour of the individual.

What are the signs of Stress?

Signs of Stress

So managing the stress and coping effectively makes a very important aspect of human psychological and biological needs of this century.

The person who is able to cope effectively responds to stress in a culturally suitable manner and is able to think rationally, problem solve, and place the stressors in proper context (Pranulis, 1975).

“The aim of stress management, then, is not to eliminate stress entirely
 but to control it so an optimal level of arousal is present.”
                                     Seyle, 1974

1. Develop Realistic Expectations of yourself and others

Be realistic about what you can achieve each day, set practical and doable goals for dealing with situations and solving the problems.
Setting high expectation may lead to disappointment and continued stress, so identify your limits and cut down the number of tasks you try to accomplish each day, if you do not have enough time to finish it.

Set Practical Goals

2. Take Charge and Plan your Time

Take responsibility for your life and get organized. Be proactive in solving the problems and look for solutions rather than sulking. Plan your time, make a schedule, and establish your priorities on daily basis.
Poor planning will always lead to disappointment or disaster situations, which finally leads to the pathway of stress.

Schedule your time

3. Find a Reliable Support System to fall back on difficult times

Speak to friends, family, a teacher or a counsellor. Sometimes we just need to "vent" or get something "off our chest." Expressing our feelings can be relieving, we can feel supported by others, and it can help us work out our problems.

Support System

4. Change your Attitude towards Life

Talk to your inner self. Positive affirmations like "I can handle it” "This will be over soon" or "I have handled difficult things before, and I can do it again." will help to reduce stress. Learn to accept things which we cannot change without trying to exert more control over them.

Love Life

5. Learn the art of saying "NO"

Learn to pick and choose which things you will say "yes" to and which things you will not. It is okay to decline a request for a favour. Saying "no" does not mean you are bad, self-centered, or uncaring. Learning this art of assertiveness will make you feel more confident about yourself.

6. Take Breaks and give yourself "Personal Time"

Taking mini-breaks or vacations for relaxation and to revitalize is just as important as giving time to other activities. Take short breaks during your busy day to relax.

Schedule time in your daily planner just for yourself to have some personal space so that you can be fresh for all the other activities you need to do.

Personal Time

7. Exercise Regularly

Exercise can build confidence, a good and positive sense of self. Regular exercise will help to relieve stress and help us to maintain our wellbeing. It is also a great way to relieve the anxiety and to free our mind from negative thoughts.

A brisk walk for 30 minutes in the park can do wonders for you as it lowers the blood pressure.

Exercise regularly

8. Develop a Regular Relaxation Routine

Develop and practice a relaxation routine with perseverance so that you can make use of them effectively during difficult times of stress. Practice meditation, yoga or some simple breathing exercise

Listening to calm and soothing music will also help to relax the mind and to find peace within.

Meditation clears your mind of any stress, fear and anxiety. Check out this cool article on Meditation How to Sit Still and Like It!


9. Eat Healthy and Take good care of yourself

Eat healthy and nutritional food, sleep daily for 6 to 8 hours, and keep a practice. When we eat poorly and if we don’t take enough rest, it affects the immune system and makes us fall ill more easily. If we take good care of ourselves, to begin with, we will be better prepared to manage stress and achieve our tasks in the long run. Avoid binge-watching and social media for some time which nowadays filled up with full of nonsense and negative contents.                   

eat healthy
10. Find a Hobby that you will Love doing

Find hobbies that can be exciting and enjoyable, and they can add a sense of achievement to our lives. Hop into the nearby bookstore or browse the internet to find new hobbies that you will enjoy and will be fun doing. 

Immersing yourself in a good book is also a good stress buster.


Out of all these options, the best thing is to acknowledge the cause for the stress and to open up with your family and the peer groups if you find it overwhelming. After all helping each other during difficult times is the crux of the Family and Society setup.

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