Dreamers Achieve Success: Ace The Space With ISRO

Ace The Space With ISRO

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ISRO has launched a new initiative called Space—National Academic Partner (S-NAP) to collaborate with Indian industries, academia, autonomous research establishments and to utilize the intellectual capital of the country.

Objective of the Opportunity

The primary objective of the opportunity is to develop space technology and application programmes to meet the developmental needs of the country.

This involves development of various technologies, realization of new products, signal processing, and development of innovative applications to resolve the problems being faced by community.

ISRO will collaborate with the academic institutes in the country who have developed considerable expertise in certain fields and will utilize the in-house resources of the institutes.

The partner Institute will be involved in decision making along with ISRO regarding the adoption of new technologies/applications.

This Announcement of Opportunity (AO) is open to Indian Academic Institutes having considerable expertise in any of the themes which are of interest to ISRO.

Proposal Submission

Proposals can be submitted by Indian Academic Institutes, Universities and Government agencies who has developed considerable expertise as well as research facilities in a particular field.

An institute can submit proposals for more than one field if they have significant expertise and facilities in those areas of interest.

Few of the fields are as follows:

Satellite Communication
Satellite Navigation Applications development and ground segment
Signal Conditioning & processing
VLSI & Micro electronics
Metallurgy & Material Science
Image processing
Space Sciences
Composites & Ceramics
Additive Manufacturing Techniques
Thermal science
Chemical Engineering/ Sciences
Structural Engineering & Analysis
Computer Science – High speed computing & Big Data Analytics
Robotics & AI
RF Technology

The proposals should be sent through the Head of the Institution, with appropriate assurance for providing necessary facilities for carrying out the AO responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Academic partner

The chosen Space-National Academic Partner (S-NAP) in a field will be a think tank along with ISRO scientists and engineers in furthering space research and solving outstanding issues in that field.

S-NAP may carry out the work within the Institute or engage other collaborators as the Steering Committee feels appropriate.

S-NAP can submit project proposals suggesting advancements in the existing technology and applications and the projects found appropriate may be funded by ISRO.

S-NAP should submit periodical reports on the advancements in the happening across the globe so that similar improvements can be planned in ISRO systems and applications.

S-NAP need to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with ISRO as they will be exposed to many of the facilities/plan of ISRO.

S-NAP may organize specific seminars and workshops in the area specific to space activities.

ISRO will provide S-NAP access to ISRO facilities for carrying out the assignments as a follow up to this MoU.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

The institutes interested in becoming S-NAP should have excellent record in academic programmes and research activities including infrastructure to carry out advanced research.

The faculty involved should be well established and have publications in the relevant field.

The institute should be capable to conduct research and educational activities in the relevant fields seeking partnership.

The potential Institute should submit the proposal in a format described in the following sections. Two copies of the proposal in the specified format (Annexure 1) are to be submitted by the Head of Institution to

The Director,
Capacity Building Programme Office,
ISRO HQ, Antariksh Bhavan,
New BEL Road,
Bangalore-560 094
(send the advance signed pdf copy by Email to: dir.cbpo@isro.gov.in)

The last date for receiving the proposal by post through proper channel is April 30, 2019.

Look at the sky. We are not alone.
The whole universe is friendly to us and
conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.
- APJ Abdul Kalam

Source: ISRO S_NAP Opportunity

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