Dreamers Achieve Success: Net Neutrality - will it become a dream of past?

Net Neutrality - will it become a dream of past?

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating most of the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same to avoid discrimination by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication.

Why it is important?

The open internet is very crucial and important for the people of all communities and colors to express themselves freely and openly. It gives people the freedom to access any websites or data on the internet and share the knowledge across it to make the communities stronger.

  • It helps in building beautiful relationships across the globe by breaking color and community barriers. 
  • It allows the artist to express them in the cloud and to be heard from anywhere.
  • It helps the student community to shape their knowledge and make their dreams come true in this competitive world.
  • It helps start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to launch their business
  • Free press to support the free flow of information in this digital age.

Who is stopping it?

Big Mobile and cable companies and their advocates filed lawsuits to end free open internet and net neutrality.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai - a former Verizon lawyer and their leadership has put forth a plan to gut the foundation of this openness. They have proposed to end net neutrality, and they are trying to force a vote on their plan on Dec. 14.

Who supports it?

The Internet should be competitive and open,” Google said in an early statement on the issue.

Dreamers, achievers, every common man from all parts of globe support net neutrality and we all deserve it.

Many major companies like Yahoo!Vonage, eBayAmazonIAC/InterActiveCorpMicrosoftTwitterTumblrEtsyDaily KosGreenpeace, along with many other companies and organizations are advocates of net neutrality and have also taken a stance in support of net neutrality. International Internet service providers like Cogent has made an announcement in favor of certain net neutrality policies.

I urge all dreamers to support the net neutrality and freedom of the open internet. Kindly join the millions of people in this battle to save the net.

Be crazy enough to take on this world...
                                                                                                            Happy Dreaming...

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