Dreamers Achieve Success: Ignited Minds Breath Success in Life

Ignited Minds Breath Success in Life

Howdy Dreamers,

Hope you all are doing great! Thanks for supporting this dreamer blog.

Dream, Dream, Dream
Dream transforms into thoughts
And thoughts result in action.

Together let's create the dreamer’s community to help each other and achieve success in life.

This blog mantra is to inspire, ignite, motivate and transform the dreamer’s passion to achieve success in life. Discover opportunities in technology, innovation, and start-ups by following this blog.

The power of the young mind is amazing and if ignited with proper guidance, it can do wonders.


The ignited minds can steer the development of the nation and propel the growth in the right path.

Thinking is the capital,
Enterprise is the way,
Hard Work is the solution
   ~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

But when I see today’s youth, they seem addicted to social media and pampered by parents with gadgets which diminishes the thinking power of the mind.

Somewhere in the middle they lose stream and forget to give wings their dreams.

They don’t question, why can’t I create the next best world class application or solution?

They don’t question, why can’t I be the next Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Narayana Murthy, Sundar Pichai or Indra Nooyi?

They don’t question, why can’t I create the next big company like Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Infosys?

These are the questions which rings in my mind, unsettles me and urged me to start this blog in the first place to empower the young minds.

If young minds have these questions, then their answer lies in Smart Thinking, Innovating, Enterprising and in the Hard Work.

The only thing requisite is pursuing the idea with passion, persistently trying different ideas if one fails and not losing focus.

In today’s world, ideas are the capital and shaping the idea into solution is the real key.

The ignited mind has the great potential to transform the raw ideas into world class solutions or applications or products.

My pursuit to empower youngsters urged me to start this site and landed me in the Indian Academy of Training and Development IATD founded by the esteemed Acharya Award winner Dr.M RAJAN, to unlock my inner potential to train the younger minds in schools and colleges.

My vision is to reach all the underprivileged ones with great minds, to ignite their minds, to reach their goals, to transform their inner potential through self-realization, to help them create innovative solutions, to guide them to success and to break the myth that only students from top-class universities succeed.

Your mind, when you trust it,
is your friend that reassures you,
comforts you and gives you confidence
   ~ Elizabeth Upton

The only thing requisite is pursuing the idea with passion, trying different ideas if one fails and not losing focus.

Heart, Mind and Soul

If we take on the moral responsibility to empower kids by creating knowledge workshops in the nearby society, to guide them in pursuing their dreams, showing them the opportunities around them, I am 100 % sure the nation’s growth will propel in the positive direction.

This urge made me to empower the youth with abundant and exciting opportunities in the field of technology, innovation and start-ups.

Discover the amazing opportunities by subscribing to the site and following the blog pages regularly,

In the future, I am planning to add more features to the site to ignite and to transform the young minds to achieve success. WATCH OUT

Virtually nothing is impossible
in this world if you just put your mind to it
and maintain a positive attitude.
   ~ Lou Holtz

Like minded folks who want to share their ideas and thoughts to guide the youth, inbox me at dinesh.swat@gmail.com . In future we can collaborate on this same mission with passion to bring positive change.

   Be crazy enough to ignite, innovate and transform this world...Breath Success
                                                                                                            Happy Dreaming...

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